Podcast 327 – It’s three lemons in a row for Richard Thompson!

In which we ponder the hellhounds on Robert Johnson’s trail, the song Randy Newman’s second wife let him write about his first, the BBC’s upcoming re-run of Live Aid and the longest-running rock and roll marriages.

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Podcast 326 – the Sony Walkman’s 40th birthday and how Astrid Kirchherr invented Indie

In which we update the Pink Floyd wars, remember launching Q and marinade in the calming qualities of Lee Sklar’s lockdown bass adventures.

Lee Sklar – on bass guitar!

Curt Smith and daughter …

Astrid Kirchherr’s portraits of the Beatles …

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Podcast 325 – Fairport’s momentous year and the curious tale of the Beatles-busting Sgt ‘Nobby’ Pilcher

In which we play the Stack Waddy game, ponder the fate of live rock and roll and investigate the B-side that gave Joan Jett a career and “the power ballad that ended the Cold War”.

The Arrows’ I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll …

Pyewackett – they exist!

Scorpions’ Wind Of Change …

Little Richard …

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Podcast 324 – How to impersonate Roy Orbison and other pop parlour games

In which we get Alexa to play Stack Waddy, Carly Simon meets James Bond, we wonder if girls make passes at rock stars in glasses, and remember Millie, Dave Greenfield, Florian Schneider and the first edition of the Face.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco …

John Fogerty’s back garden …

Doobie Brothers in lockdown …

Bugger Off by Stack Waddy

The Stranglers’ version of Walk On By with stunning Dave Greenfield keyboard solo …

Meryl Streep (aged 16) at Shea Stadium …

Creedence Clearwater playing I Put A Spell On You …

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Podcast 323 – This week’s winners of the lockdown are the Incredible String Band, Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese

In which we celebrate the 50th birthday of The Who’s “Live At Leeds”, wonder why the Incredible String Band suddenly sound so right and talk about what all those living room performances tell us Rock Star’s Homes.

The case of the missing hit.

Toyah and Robert Fripp dance in the kitchen

Cat Stevens somewhere warm enough to leave the door open

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Podcast 322 – Playing Pink Floyd Snap, reading old music papers and telling Alexa to button it

In a packed programme David and Mark continue their quest to second-guess Amazon’s mysterious lady DJ, remember the man who used to buy the Beatles’ cars, look at how Pink Floyd’s investment problems led to their embrace of disco, read out some small ads from old music papers, wonder whether rock music without an audience is really worth the trouble and recite the names of our new Patreons in a very exciting new way.

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Podcast 321 – How long does lockdown have to last before we play unplayable albums?

Just how desperate do you have to be before you give John and Yoko’s “Two Virgins” or Michael Nesmith’s “The Prison” a spin? Also in this episode, another round of Alexa’s Favourites, more people sign up to be Patreon patrons, getting Lene Lovich’s autograph on a train ticket, exactly when people started having their pictures taken on the Abbey Road zebra and travel back in time to when Bob Dylan played Earls Court and the compact disc was about to make the LP redundant.

The Sound Of The Hound is the new podcast from the EMI Archive Trust

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Podcast 320: Paying tribute to the special talents of John Prine and Adam Schlesinger

Also in the episode: pink moon over London, waking up to birdsong, Brinsley Schwarz at the Fillmore and the strange majesty of old Melody Maker headlines. Plus name-checks for our inaugural patrons. If you’d want to joint them see below. And don’t forget to catch up with our brand new “Word In Your Attic” with Mark Billingham at https://youtu.be/JQoTS0mKeVM.

John Prine and Iris DeMent doing “In Spite Of Ourselves”

Fountains of Wayne doing “Hackensack”

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Podcast 319 – another unashamedly trivial podcast in which Mark Ellen and David Hepworth discuss milk in rock, read your correspondence and invent a game you can play with Alexa

Massively encouraged by the fact that nobody tried to physically stop them doing it again, Mark and David podcast from their lofts to anyone who has nothing better to do for the next half an hour. Subjects covered include: the musical tastes of “Parks And Recreation”‘s April Ludgate, when dad bought his hifi on hire purchase, why the current lockdown is good news for the Abbey Road zebra and a really funny list from an old copy of Word.

Bono doing “Let Your Love Be Known”

Paul Simon singing “American Tune”

The Roots and Jimmy Fallon performing “Stuck In The Middle With You”

It’s the 19-piece Rotterdam Philharmonic playing Beethoven’s Ode To Joy on lockdown.

Kevin Ayers Whatevershebringswesing with Robert Wyatt on backing vocals and Mike Oldfield playing bass and guitar…

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Podcast 318 – a “for the duration” podcast in which Mark Ellen and David Hepworth talk about Joni Mitchell, Krakatoa and the importance of dressing properly while WFH

Since they’re spending a proportion of the Current Unpleasantness talking to each other anyway. Mark Ellen and David Hepworth thought they may as well record some of it, explaining what’s happening with Word In Your Ear in the light of the current situation, how they’re getting by at home, what they’re reading, what they’ve been listening to and what it might all mean for the return of long form listening. Well, it’s not as if they’ve got anything else to do.

Joni Mitchell in concert at the BBC in 1970
Joni Mitchell doing “Me And My Uncle” i n 1965

Here’s a good place to start on the books of Simon Winchester.

And here’s an introduction to Anthony Powell.

David’s book “A Fabulous Creation” is out in paperback.

Please leave a comment on iTunes or anywhere else that allows you to post. We read all of them and really appreciate it. If you’ve got any particular favourites among the old Word podcasts please let us know which at wiye.london@gmail.com

P.S. Here’s Ronnie Lane and Pete Townshend singing “Annie”

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