Word Podcast 239 – Peter Doggett


Peter Doggett is one of the most respected authors in the music field, with highly-praised works devoted to David Bowie and the Beatles to his name.  Here he talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about his magnum opus “Electric Shock”, a panoramic history of popular music from the gramophone to the iPhone. This was recorded in front of an audience at The Islington.

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2 thoughts on “Word Podcast 239 – Peter Doggett”

  1. It was a fascinating interview with Pete Doggett and I loved that he felt compelled to write a book despite wondering who would want it. It was a compelling look at popular music’s constant repetition of shocking to mocking. His affable self-deprecation and dry humour led me to the queue to buy a copy where I asked of him “Is this the queue” and Mr Doggett replied “I don’t expect so”.

  2. Hi there – just got into these podcasts – very enjoyable. Is there a way to know of upcoming events and attend these?

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