Word Podcast 262 – Tony Fletcher

In Which Tony Fletcher tells us about Wilson Pickett, who was impossible as a child, inimitable as a singer and incorrigible as a success, and how he came to write “In The Midnight Hour”.

The perfect “In The Midnight Hour”.

He couldn’t improve on it. Not even with Bruce Springsteen…

Here he is with Duane Allman on “Hey Jude”.

Word Podcast 261 – Barney Hoskyns

Barney Hoskyns

In which Barney Hoskyns talks to us about Woodstock and the part it played in the lives of Dylan, the Band, Albert Grossman and Van Morrison, as related in his book “Small Town Talk”.

Here’s the Bobby Charles record that gave the book its name.

Here’s the Band rehearsing in Woodstock back in the day

Word Podcast 260 – with Jeff Evans

Jeff Evans
Photo: Dave Lloyd Jones

In which Jeff Evans returns from researching the full history of “Rock and Pop On British TV” for his new book and talks to Mark Ellen and David Hepworth about not just “Six Five Special” but also “Cool For Cats”, not just Legs and Co but also Ruby Flipper, not just “The Tube” but also “The White Room”, and wonders whether, now that we have YouTube, we have finally come to the end of music television as a genre.