Word podcast 277 – in and out of the Go-Betweens with Robert Forster

Robert Forster’s new book, Grant And I, features strongly in many people’s lists of the music book of the year. He came to WIYE to talk to Mark and David about growing up in Brisbane, bonding with Grant McLennan over their shared affection for Ry Cooder, forming a band with like-minded people rather than people who could play, getting near enough to success to be able to taste it and why no band has anything new to say after twenty minutes. Robert’s been on the podcast before and remains one of our favourites.

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6 thoughts on “Word podcast 277 – in and out of the Go-Betweens with Robert Forster”

  1. As of now (4 December) this can be streamed but still can’t be downloaded on iTunes. Been like this for over a week.

    Maybe that’s why it’s popularity is so high on iTunes? People repeatedly clicking “Get” but not getting. Where’s that Fraser Lewry chap these days…

    1. Try unsubscribing and resubscribing – the podcast downloads just fine down this end of the web!

  2. Aah Fraser, I’ve tried that and still no luck. Asked a couple of chums to try and they couldn’t get it either. All that happens is I get an exclamation mark in a circle to the left of the episode name? All the others have downloaded fine.

  3. Try right-clicking on the podcast in iTunes and selecting ‘refresh podcast’. The file is there, honest – I just downloaded it again. It also downloads to my phone OK.

  4. Nope, tried that too – never mind, I’ll just settle on streaming. Thanks for your help though.

  5. Ahh not just me then!

    Tried every trick listed on the interwebs to no avail.

    Unable to download any Word podcast from ITunes for past few days.
    I managed the first 245 no problem…

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