Word Podcast 278 – Going On The Turn with Danny Baker

In the course of a packed conversation with David Hepworth the Damon Runyon of Bermondsey touches upon Keith Chegwin and the Third Ear Band, carrying a coffin and recovering from cancer, the breathtaking profanity of Hughie Green and the staggering stupidity of certain BBC executives, the difficulty of dealing with 12-year-old TV producers who are labouring under the misapprehension that they understand pop history and what happened when he and Danny Kelly decided it was finally time to try getting stoned. As ever, all human life is there – as it is in his latest autobiographical volume, “Going On The Turn”. Danny starts another national tour in May and he’ll be coming to a town near you. Details here.

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9 thoughts on “Word Podcast 278 – Going On The Turn with Danny Baker”

  1. This podcast, and the previous one, aren’t downloading on iTunes – getting a weird error message.

    No problems with all my other subscriptions.

  2. Fraser

    There’s definitely something affecting some of us here. Couldn’t get the Robert Forster episode now can’t get the Danny Baker one. Deleted some I already have, unsubscribed, re-subscribed and tried to download again but even they don’t work now.

    For me I get the exclamation mark in a circle to the left of the Word Podcast title. All my other regular podcasts download fine.

    Can you get your really big screwdriver and tighten some Word podcast nuts and bolts please?

  3. Sorry, but I really can’t help with a problem I am unable to replicate – and believe me, I’ve tried to replicate it.

  4. I have same issue as KT above – no message just that blasted circle.
    No Word podcast will D/L. At least a dozen others I listen to do.
    Unsubscribed, re-subscribed, deleted temp folders etc etc

    And now a Danny Baker podcast I can’t download – that’s just cruel…

  5. I’ve been having a problem downloading the podcast via itunes (it started with #276 with Armando Iannucci). The error I was getting was 2146893032.
    My problem was solved by doing the following in this order (I don’t know which one(s) contributed to solving the problem, though):
    – unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the podcast
    – signing into my itunes account
    – updating itunes (I’m on Windows 7, so that’s to Itunes
    – restarting my PC
    I don’t know why this worked, but it did. Hopefully it’ll work for some others, too.
    (And thanks to Fraser and all those involved in producing the podcast!)

  6. A cyber-pint to JF!

    Updating iTunes was a last resort as I assiduously avoid that – stupidly assumed no relation as I’d not updated mine in years (kept a very old version due to last.fm syncing issues) so knew I hadn’t made any change in my setup, of course this never took into account that podcast could somehow change (?) & may require a later version.

    Bonus as in the ensuing years last.fm have obviously fixed issues their end and all syncing tickety-boo. Thanks for prompt.

    Also sorry Fraser for complaints outwith your control – as ever thanks for your & the gang’s work on the show .

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