Word Podcast 282 – Garth Cartwright and his unique chronicle of UK record shops

Virgin, Harlequin, One Stop, Dobells, Rock On, HMV, Cheapo Cheapo, Disci, Andy’s, Woolies, Our Price and a million and one places called The Spinning Disc. It doesn’t matter where you did your record shopping in the far long-ago, they’re all in “Going For A Song”, Garth Cartwright’s information-packed survey of UK record shops past and present. In this podcast he talks to Mark and David about record retailing in this country from the days of the cylinder through the danceband boom of the thirties and the madness of Beatlemania to the recent rebirth of very specialist indies. It’s a road we’ve all trodden one way or another and it’s good to have it recognised.

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One thought on “Word Podcast 282 – Garth Cartwright and his unique chronicle of UK record shops”

  1. Hi there… love to hear record shops mentioned …
    The only thing I ever wanted to do when I left school ( 1967).. was work in a record shop… music was & still is, my life..
    I have lived in Hull for over 60 years & started at my first record shop in 1967.. Gough & Davy on Saville Street.. I learnt all I needed to know . from.. pop, classcal & even sheet music…
    Gough’s used to sell cylidar records back in the day & still had one plus the machine !
    I then moved on to another iconic record shop.. Sydney Scarborough 17 Paragon Street Under The City Hall. I was lucky enough to work years over the next 5 decades … It was eventually bought out by Fox’s Music in 1974 & turned into a 3 story music centre.. keeping up with the modern times.. it was well loved by everyone & is still remembered.. I had an exhibition in 2017 of memorabilia etc.. it was huge… a great success. I am still very passionate about the okd place & the memories it holds… sadly our last trading day was in December 2001.. but its memory will go on forever

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