Word Podcast 289 – Mark Kermode on his life-long struggle against musical instruments

Ever since first hearing the siren call of The Rubettes’ “Sugar Baby Love”, Mark Kermode, TV and Radio’s Mr Movie, has been possessed by a determination to find out how it feels to be on stage with a band and to make the noise that bands made. His new book “How Does It Feel?” recounts every step on that journey, from making his own guitar while at school through leading his own bands The Bottlers and The Dodge Brothers and masquerading as the musical director of Danny Baker’s late-night chat show to trying to learn the chromatic harmonica on stage in front of a large orchestra and an even larger audience. It has been a life devoted to the noble objective of getting some kind of noise out of just about anything he has been confronted with and being prepared to treat the twin impostors of approval and derision both the same.

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