Word podcast 305 – Dave Lewis on 40 years in the service of Led Zeppelin

When Dave Lewis first went to see Led Zeppelin at the Empire Pool, Wembley in 1971 it cost him 75p. When they played their final show at the O2 in 2007 he was on Robert Plant’s guest list. From the germ of his teenage scrapbook he built a small empire, based on his fanzine “Tight But Loose”, which has produced a staggering range of titles dedicated to every aspect of Led Zeppelin’s career. His book “Evenings With Led Zeppelin” has the distinction of being literally the heaviest book ever to feature on “Word In Your Ear”. Dave came in to the Islington to talk about what got him excited in 1971 and, as you’ll hear, still excites him today.


2 thoughts on “Word podcast 305 – Dave Lewis on 40 years in the service of Led Zeppelin”

  1. Very interesting. I must be close to Dave’s age because at about 12 years old I very hesitantly bought Zep 2, took it home – no one there, put the needle on the platter and listened to my life change in front of my ears and eyes… I also started looking to see if any smoke was coming out of our old console stereo. Literally.
    To get Dave’s take on zep makes things much clearer for me. Living in the states it was so hard to get info on the band. It almost seemed like they were cloaked in secrecy. Itcertainly always left us wanting more!
    Excellent talk guys and Dave!!

  2. Fantastic Dave.It was a real joy to listen to the history of your journey with our Led Zeppelin.The joke about LZ 2 being a maxi-single was priceless as well as all the rest was great as well.Cheers.Derek.

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