Podcast 323 – This week’s winners of the lockdown are the Incredible String Band, Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese

In which we celebrate the 50th birthday of The Who’s “Live At Leeds”, wonder why the Incredible String Band suddenly sound so right and talk about what all those living room performances tell us Rock Star’s Homes.

The case of the missing hit.

Toyah and Robert Fripp dance in the kitchen

Cat Stevens somewhere warm enough to leave the door open

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 323 – This week’s winners of the lockdown are the Incredible String Band, Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese”

  1. You guys are great. I only recently found you fellows, and you’re keeping me well entertained in this dire period. You and your guests feel like old friends of mine, your treasures resonate with my under-the-wire Yank taste: ISB, Fairport, Small Faces, etc. etc. etc.
    Carry on and be well, my music-obsessed friends.

    P.S. I am the author of “Get A Shot of Rhythm and Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story”(University of Alabama Press, 2000), and have contributed to MOJO ( a lot of Hello/Goodbyes, other smallish pieces). Carry on and best to you both.

  2. Your attitude towards the intellectual property of writers and photographers is, in my opinion, extremely misguided.

    You clearly don’t mind if someone wants to reprint one of your reviews from 40 years ago.

    But what about 4 years ago or 4 months ago? Where do you draw the line?

    What if someone were to publish, in book form, an anthology of all your best reviews and interviews from The Word?

    Didn’t you already say “you’ve got my blessing to do it”?

    They could even make it look like an official release, with bright orange on the cover…

  3. As promoter, ramshackle stage builder, bill poster and DJ for Orange Juice at Oxford Scamps, I can assure the podcast and Giles Fraser that if anyone was drugged up at the gig, it wasn’t the band.

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