Podcast 324 – How to impersonate Roy Orbison and other pop parlour games

In which we get Alexa to play Stack Waddy, Carly Simon meets James Bond, we wonder if girls make passes at rock stars in glasses, and remember Millie, Dave Greenfield, Florian Schneider and the first edition of the Face.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco …

John Fogerty’s back garden …

Doobie Brothers in lockdown …

Bugger Off by Stack Waddy

The Stranglers’ version of Walk On By with stunning Dave Greenfield keyboard solo …

Meryl Streep (aged 16) at Shea Stadium …

Creedence Clearwater playing I Put A Spell On You …

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 324 – How to impersonate Roy Orbison and other pop parlour games”

  1. Thanks to you two chaps, and the wonders of the delightful Alexa, I have spent my Sunday afternoon listening to Stack Waddy, to see what all the fuss is about. I must say, as a first time Waddy listener, I rather enjoyed some of their tunes.

    Inspired further, I delved into the back catalogue of Kippington Lodge for the first time. Again, enjoyable.

    Every day is an education.

  2. Re spectacles. Eric Clapton managed to make them look cool (ish) on the cover of EC Unplugged.

  3. Pop Groups with singers with glasses.
    Exception that proves rule is John Sebastian and Lovin Spoonful. Would not have worked so well without JS’s glasses.

  4. On the subject of the Stranglers and their on-stage strippers, it reminded me of one of the most incongruous festival line ups I ever attended. The year is 1993, the place is Tipperary, and the festival is the Féile, or Trip to the Tipp.

    We hitched from Manchester for 3 wet and cold days in a Hurling field for a line up that demonstrates why Brit Pop had to happen – INXS, Iggy Pop, The Levellers, The Sultans of Ping FC, The Christians, The Shamen, Utah Saints, Stiff Little Fingers, That Petrol Emotion, Aztec Camera, Madness and the red dress warbler himself, Chris de Burgh.

    For some inexplicable scheduling reason, the final nights last 2 acts were Madness followed by Chris de Burgh. Finding ourselves at the front of the crowd, we found ourselves among hundreds of Irish skinheads all fully lubricated and waiting for their nutty boy heroes. The atmosphere was tense as they had been forced to stand through Deacon Blue and Bjorn Again…..

    Someone had printed thousands of A4 bits of paper that said F*** Off Chris de Burgh and the stage was being rained down with paper airplanes, and the obligatory bottles of yellow liquid. The Madness boys did their thing, and now it was time for Chris de Burgh to sing to 20,000 pissed skin heads. I don’t recall being able to hear the heavily eye browed crooner sing a great deal due to the booing, except for one song. Then inexplicably, in front of a 20,000 strong audience of Catholics, he chose to bring on a stripper for his 1975 classic Patricia the Stripper. The sight of the singer of the MOR classic Lady in Red, singing alongside a stripper quickly shut up our skinhead friends, and they stood there silently enjoying Chris de Burgh.

    The next days papers didn’t cover the nearly 140 arrests and violence of the three days, but instead, the outrage that a national hero had resorted to a stripper on stage. Very very different and dark times!

  5. Re: Glasses in rock. Not sure if this counts but went to see Lloyd Cole and the Commotions at Wembley Arena in 1990 and a few times during the set Cole would put on his glasses and provoke shrieks of approval from a section of the audience. He didn’t wear them all through the show and was just tarting around to delight some of his, I assume, sapiosexual followers but I thought it warranted a small asterisk next to your argument.

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