Podcast 328 – There’s no fame like LP cover fame!

In which we play the Stackwaddy Game with power pop and the UFO club, wonder how come artists remake their classic albums, explain why nobody truly wanted Little Feat to be massive, ponder the one relationship in a rock star’s which matters more than marriage and look at a bunch of album covers which accidentally made a few members of the public famous.

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One thought on “Podcast 328 – There’s no fame like LP cover fame!”

  1. Hi Wordsmiths

    The Annie Nightingale / Paul Simon interview got even darker after that initial question, and was so toe-curlingly awful it remains etched in my memory all these decades later.

    As I remember, when Paul – clearly irritated – clarified that he alone wrote all the Simon and Garfunkel songs, Annie, perhaps misreading the mood and sensing a scoop, valiantly attempted a follow-up: “Is that generally known?”

    As I sunk even deeper into the sofa in embarrassment on her behalf, Paul replied,”I think everyone apart from you knows that.”

    You half suspect this classic piece of rock TV is the real reason she got an MBE…

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