Podcast 330

In which we contemplate pop stars’ statues, 50th anniversary albums, excruciating things actors do in Lockdown, fictitious Monsters of Rock, the curious tale of Madonna’s Ray Of Light and the best/worst things about Oasis.

The Southsea Alternative Choir with Love’s Johnny Echols doing Alone Again Or …

… and (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding with Nick Lowe …

The London Symphony demonstrating their instruments: https://youtu.be/TMUwtGuOzFM

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 330”

  1. cf. your discussion of the ‘supply led’ sculpture business. May I introduce you to the monumentally awful (see what I did there) work of Zurab Tsereteli. Serial touter of much hated, and very pricey, bronze.

  2. As you’re going to talk about the new Bob Dylan album at some point and you invented the music magazine five star review, would you do something for me please …… give your favourite Dylan albums five stars, then tell me how many stars would you give Rough and Rowdy Ways? The reviews I’ve read so far have been terribly over excited. Maybe it’s the relief of moving on from the execrable Triplicate, the ‘whyness’ of which still defeats me. A ‘One..plicate’ would surely have been more than an adequate sufficiency for any listener. I have wondered if Dylan was just intent on catching up with Rod Stewart’s record for the number of crimes one man can commit against the Great American Songbook.
    Thank you for the many enjoyable hours of listening, particularly during these trying times. Keep on podding.

  3. Not wanting to bring, like you know, a downer on proceedings, but for Mark’s tribute acts there is a real Maybe Gaga.

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