Podcast 331 – It’s the Bob Dylan Lyric Generator!

In which we ponder rock and roll stage names, the immortal gag that launched Billy Connolly, KT Tunstall versus the streaming system and best guests on chat shows – and the only British Prime Minister to ever host one.

That PM and his chat show …

KT Tunstall on the Broken Record Campaign …

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 331 – It’s the Bob Dylan Lyric Generator!”

  1. looks like your RSS or podcast hosting is down. Can’t access any of the podcasts…

  2. Can I just say I remember a brilliant episode of the podcast when the guest hadn’t shown up, I think there was a deep freeze across the country and you all just busked it. That maybe the same one where Fraser mentioned his latest menu which included the FIRST mention I had ever heard of salted caramel. Thank you very much for your attention.

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