Word Podcast 332: what makes an album cover ‘classic’?

In which we ponder American pop showbiz v shambling British charm, bands v solos acts, Will Farrell’s Eurovision movie, Ed Sheeran’s bank balance, Beyoncé at Glastonbury, which rock star will live the longest and Disco v Grunge in the Stack Waddy game.

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2 thoughts on “Word Podcast 332: what makes an album cover ‘classic’?”

  1. Not this one again about the Rolling Stones not making a great album since…pick your year/album from the early/mid 1970s. The second side of Tattoo You is an absolute masterpiece, and for me the best side of a record they ever made. Also, Steel Wheels. Great album.

  2. Will Ferrell is married to a Swedish actress and no other nation takes the Eurovision Song Contest as seriously as the Swedes. That’s why he got involved. Easy peasy.

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