Podcast 336 – Happy Anniversary: 50 and 40 years ago this week!

In which we salute the magnificent Peter Green (and hear Owen Parker’s memories of recording with him in the ’90s), look back at the great Q headlines – CarelessTalk Costs Wives! The Hoarse Foreman of the Apocalypse! – flick through a Melody Maker from 1970, spot the fake deejay, applaud the recent Springsteen radio shows and find Bob Marley & the Wailers photographed in lift.

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One thought on “Podcast 336 – Happy Anniversary: 50 and 40 years ago this week!”

  1. Just listening to the podcast and the part about musicians as DJs. The BBC has some history here, they made a series in the late 1970s (forget the title). I think it went out on radio 1 at about 7pm on Sundays. Among the interesting guest DJs I can remember were Ian Anderson, David Bowie, Frank Zappa for sure, others were possibly Lou Reed and I have a strong feeling Bob Dylan did it, but that might some old dude mind tricks going on. Anyway the first three are for sure, and I remember them as very interesting shows. Also there was a lot of humour, something Dylan displayed in spades on the Theme Time shows.

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