Podcast 362 – does anyone form a band any more?

Choice items discussed include Dua Lipa’s 5-million-tickets-sold online show, the full list of Altamont catastrophes, the magic of the rock press ‘on the road’ feature, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (oh yes!), Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter’s move into military defence and US Spy Satellites, David’s disastrous cinema outing, whether going to gigs is now largely about the ‘being there’ on social media, cult Xmas singles and the mystery of Griselda Pugh & the Horses of Instruction.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 362 – does anyone form a band any more?”

  1. Hi! Interesting discussion around the streaming gigs. Coincidentally, I was listening to the interview Andy Peebles did with Bowie in 1980, remarkable for being conducted in New York the day before Lennon was murdered and the day after Peebles own interview with Lennon. Anyway, during the interview Bowie talks about how much he hates touring and how he wanted to move towards playing fewer shows in large cities with the shows being broadcast simultaneously in cinemas or theatres for a lower ticket price. Peebles was none to keen on the idea but how about that for a artist forty years ahead of his time?!

  2. Hi guys, I really love the show. Interested to hear you talking about Tony Hooper and Dave Cousins both taking prolonged breaks from the Strawbs to pursue other careers. Ron Chesterman (who, as it happens, was from Chester) was the Strawbs’ original bass player and played on the first album. When he left he became the county archivist for Chester, though he continued to play gigs and do some session work in his spare time.

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