Podcast 365 – to the sunlit uplands of the new Let It Be movie!

Surely the only podcast that’s ever included tantalising Beatles film outtakes, the knock-down sale of Michael Jackson’s Neverland, ‘the Great Fatsby’ by Leslie West, Frank Sinatra, E17 with sleigh bells and and Ladbaby’s We Built This City On Sausage Rolls. Plus we play energetic rounds of ‘Farrow & Ball paint colour or Tyrannosaurus Rex track?’ and ‘Lilith Fair acoustic act or Lush beauty product’?

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 365 – to the sunlit uplands of the new Let It Be movie!”

  1. Love the podcast!

    Have you ever thought of ‘re-engineering’ a well known album that was ok-ish, but could’ve been a whole lot better?

    For example, everyone knows that Satanic Majesties is a bit of a stinker, but has a couple of wonderful tracks. My take is that it has several other good songs, but the whole thing is torpedoed by Sing This All Together (twice!) & Gomper.

    My re-engineering does away with the dross and replaces it with better stuff the band did from the same era. In this case, We Love You, Dandelion & Child of the Moon.

    The Let It Be album is another suitable case for treatment.

    Worth a try on a future Word podcast?

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