Podcast 367 – Neil Young and the concert that invented ‘the whoop’

In which we tell the story of James Taylor’s tattoo, Bowie’s coded message to Hermione, Tracy Chapman v Nicki Ninaj, Gerry Marsden stealing George Harrison’s girlfriend, and the real life girls from Valerie and My Sharona – plus bracing rounds of ‘Republican Senator or Country Music star?’ and ‘Joanna Newsom song title or vegetarian restaurant in Brighton?’. And the lost Wombles-style Oasis tribute album (What’s the Story) Tobermory?.

James Taylor’s tattoo story is at 4.20 …

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One thought on “Podcast 367 – Neil Young and the concert that invented ‘the whoop’”

  1. Great episode! I read a great article about pianos in the NYTimes a few months ago, – Why Do Pianists Know So Little About Pianos?
    November 12, 2020.

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