Podcast 371 – Tom Lehrer, payola and the Midnight Train to Georgia

In which we navigate by way of pay-for-play bribery, Elvis Costello’s mum, the songs the Bonzos taught us, the man who helped cook the Beatles’ books, the eternal trials of posh pop stars, and Farrah Fawcett-Majors and the story of the Midnight Plane To Houston. And play ‘Pulp song or episode of Are You Being Served?’

The Bee Gees record a message for Pete Paphides’ ansaphone in 1997 …

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One thought on “Podcast 371 – Tom Lehrer, payola and the Midnight Train to Georgia”

  1. Hello there all you good people at The Word podcast. I do enjoy listening. I was struck by the conversation in the current podcast about Midnight Train to Georgia and the ‘unromantic’ sound of UK place names in songs. I wondered about this years ago and set about (hopefully!) disproving this with the song ‘Let’s Get car Sick’, which is on the latest record by Cooper. The song imagines two people bouncing around the UK coastal areas, much like a pinball, until they can take no more. The final crescendo mentions 30 or so coastal areas. There is a wealth of romance on our island. I hope you can be bothered to give its 3 and a bit minutes a spin. The whole “Trellis Aisle’ album is on spotify.


    Best wishes for the future podcasts. Hope we can all go out again soon.

    Dave Scott
    (ex of kathryn Williams band for all those early albums)

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