Podcast 374 – happy 50th, Nick Drake and the Stones ‘farewell’ tour!

In which we try the Obama/Springsteen pod, view astonishing footage of Sinatra recording in 1965, watch films we’ve never seen (eg “Life Of Brian” – merchandise at the stoning scene? “Two rocks and a bag of gravel”), remember the Stones’ satin-clad tax-dodging flit to the south of France, applaud the greatest one-man albums ever made, and play ‘Children’s book or rare psychedelic single?’, ‘European rave palace or Gwyneth Paltrow lifestyle accessory’ and ‘Spot the fake DJ’ (Spinston Churchill?).

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Frank Sinatra recording in 1965 …

Working with Frank …

Cilla recording with Burt Bacharach …

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One thought on “Podcast 374 – happy 50th, Nick Drake and the Stones ‘farewell’ tour!”

  1. Speaking of classics unmatched or unlistened to (I haven’t seen Life of Brian) … can we challenge Mark to listen to Side 2 of the Band’s second album? He must have heard it in bits or on live albums. I would love to hear his response after holding out so long, worried it would disappoint.

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