Podcast 375 – the undignified history of the Ponytail In Rock

In which we salute Chris Barber and Bunny Wailer, listen to Robert Fripp’s £80-a-pop personal message service, marvel at the Kings Of Leon’s new crypto-currency, relive the agony of the Bob Harris vinyl flood, wonder if Bob Weir’s was the only decent rock ponytail, reconnect with the Drifters, Lonnie Donegan and Lewis Taylor (“the great undiscovered jewel of 20th C popular music”), and play ‘Van Morrison song or Richard Littlejohn headline?’, ‘Oasis track or children’s book?’ and ’50s wrestler or member of the Bonzo Dog Band?’.

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One thought on “Podcast 375 – the undignified history of the Ponytail In Rock”

  1. A great listen as usual. I was hoping that you would pick up on the ,previous podcast , challenge to Alex to listen to The Dark Side of the Moon.

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