Podcast 378 – “it ain’t ‘alf been a gas this time!”

In which we play theatrical moments from great live albums – Humble Pie, ELP, the Stones, James Brown, Sinatra & Count Basie, Free, the Who, the Allman Brothers (“Whipping Post!”) – relive the wit and wisdom of James Blunt on Twitter, examine the raw agony of having a rock star as a parent (warning: Eve Hewson’s Bono story involves public dancing to the Backstreet Boys in a dressing-gown) and reveal whose tour rider includes “oxygen tanks and a doctor available to give mid-set B-12 injections”.

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One thought on “Podcast 378 – “it ain’t ‘alf been a gas this time!””

  1. On the subject of memorable stage introductions, my favourite self-introduction comes at the start of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band’s live album. It was a touch of genius when Harvey gave his band such an instantly self-mythologising monicker, and he plays to this with: “Good evening, boys and girls. It is a gas to be here. This is the end of our British tour, and it really has been something else. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my band – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.” Whereupon, instantly, the chugging motif of The Faith Healer starts up. Pure theatre.

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