Podcast 381 – Tessa Norton and Bob Stanley on the folklore of the Fall

Tessa and Bob are lifelong Mark E Smith devotees and have just published ‘Excavate: the Wonderful And Frightening World of The Fall’, a collection of essays inspired by the band’s unique and eternally beguiling back catalogue and divinely cranky modus operandi – along with artwork, ephemera, lyrics sheets, letters to fans and self-written press releases. It’s an atlas that navigates the Fall’s outer reaches rather than an investigation of the man himself “as you can’t look directly at the sun”. This terrific free-wheeling conversation touches on football, architecture, working men’s clubs, self-made mythology, the nature of Fall fans, the powerful impact of Kenny Everett’s World’s Worst Records Show album and the plastic carrier-bag left onstage that Tessa still has 25 years later.



Yeah Yeah Yeah by Bob Stanley …