Podcast 396 – rock band gangs you want to join

Matters of high import discussed this week include … having a ‘date night’ with your old CDs. Can the one-piece jumpsuit ever return? The whole Billie Eilish apology saga. Do all first girlfriends have names like Deidre Birchwood? What pop location deserves a blue plaque? Why Court And Spark outranks Blue. The Foo Fighters’ Bee Gees moment. Rock’s second best year. And would you pay $998 to get some All Things Must Pass garden gnomes? Plus James Brown, Black Grape, Chicken Shack, Duckworth Lewis, Tom Petty and Robert Plant’s Band Of Joy. And David’s mist-filled 30-second reverie about a romance in summer ’67.

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Podcast 395 – If the England Squad were a rock band which would they be?

In which we shake down the piping hot topics du jour, among them … the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury, the genius of Miles Copeland’s management method, the new six-hour Beatles movie, Bob Geldof on what it takes to be a rock star, would Oasis have worked in the ’70s, why current songwriters are afraid to experiment, and whatever happened to Terry Reid? 

Terry Reid at the first Glastonbury in 1971 …

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Podcast 394 – DJ Princess Diana

In this week’s pod we explore whether Apple’s new spatial audio is actually worth it, ponder urgent listener questions such as “is pop music all about cymbals?” and “should we be paying attention to Van Morrison right now?” and chat to old pal Paul Burke about advertising in music and why the art of discotheque DJing is a little bit like foreplay.


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Podcast 393 – Joni Mitchell’s golden month remembered

This week’s burning hot topics include …. the 50th birthday of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’. Songs about the joy of spending “a bankroll big enough to choke a donkey”. When Whistle Test went all Tomorrow’s World. Books or records: which could you survive without? Is there the Who without Pete Townshend? Films we’ve watched the most. Music that’s unfailingly cheerful. Is “Play Loud” the daftest thing ever put on an album cover? Was there ever a posher musician than James Lascelles of Global Village Trucking Company (in line of succesion to the British throne)? And the sweet story of Gravesend’s own rock gods Kinky Machine and their 50-year anniversary video.  

Kinky Machine’s reunion …

Whistle Test tackles the new technology, 1983 …

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