Podcast 397 – Bob Geldof: an unmissable hour of insight into rock stardom

Nobody is better qualified to talk about music as he’s seen it from every angle. Bob Geldof broke into the Beatles’ hotel room aged 12. He saw Dylan and the Stones when he was 13. Radio Luxembourg sent him messages from the ether. He worked out why the great lyrics work (“and the best opening line”). He studied the stagecraft of a host of musicians and formed a band of his own. He felt the lure of “screaming stadium whores and sex on tap”. He staged Live Aid. And he ended up a close friend of many of “the people at the top of pop’s Mount Olympus”. This extraordinary interview has revelations about what’s required to be a rock star you may never have imagined. And he nominates some Greatest Records Ever Made. 


Citizens of Boomtown …

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