Podcast 399 – How do songs become terrace anthems?

Sports writer and old pal Nige Tassell traces the story of Sweet Caroline, You’ll Never Walk Alone and Yes Sir I Can Boogie – with fond memories of the Tranmere Rovers’ spontaneous vegan chant moment. Other piping hot topics include Dua Lipa and the stolen photo, have you ever booed a band?, the exact number of onstage hours Dylan’s played All Along The Watchtower, the magic of Freddie King and the Jayhawks, does Richard Branson like music?, indie weddings and are there any rap covers bands?


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One thought on “Podcast 399 – How do songs become terrace anthems?”

  1. Good day chaps,

    Thank you so much for your recent appreciation of the cd, it has mirrored a recent experience of my own

    The story so far is that I was given a twenty year old car, how generous you may say. However, the most important part, the music reproduction system was something called a ‘cassette’ machine

    Now, I don’t know whether either of you fine gentleman still have such items resting in dusty boxes in forgotten corners of attics. I had, exactly none. A call around my friends and co-workers created one cadre giving me a sainsbury’s bag full of little plastic spools of joy, and a few other confused co-workers proffering copies of Tracey Chapman or Paul Young’s ‘No Parlez’

    However, the bag proved to be a true revelation, a policy of not looking at what came out and then pushed into the machine provided more than a few classical joints, Bach fugues are not great for driving to work. Amongst this, were the pearls; Lou Reed- New York, REM- Monster, Neneh Cherry- Homebrew. Strangely, it was the compression of the sound that made it so appealing. Better than i remembered back in the day

    Also, such other albums, fondly remembered, didn’t fare so well, Ten Thousand Maniacs, The Church, INXS

    So, will this ancient carrier return to fight another day?

    Your humble servant,

    Lawrence Lumley
    (Edge of the world/Ashford)

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