Podcast 412 – a Rock Snobbery Special plus 50 years of the Old Grey Whistle Test

.. where we consider the brave new world in which Rick Astley plays the Smiths, a documentary explores the reasons people detest Kenny G and Rolling Stone rather self-consciously revise their list of the Best 500 Songs Of All Time (should they declare 2001 the new Year Zero and just reset the clock?). And featuring … worst supergroups, acts who’ve never put out any cover versions, bands who arrived at the venue but never played and Morrissey answering the phones on Rock Around the Clock.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 412 – a Rock Snobbery Special plus 50 years of the Old Grey Whistle Test”

  1. Great episode today, thanks!
    Firstly have you or any listeners gone to a gig to see a support band at small venue & then gone home missing an act that became stadium fillers? I had a crush on Claire Grogan so went to see Altered Images at Norwichs’ 500 cap UEA (1982?), once watched I got on my bike & headed home, missing U2. Same venue, I’d discovered a band called ‘The Flaming Mussolinis’ (who?), same deal, got on my bike after their set & missed INXS.
    Secondly, to add to the ‘Robin Williamson hanging out with the audience’ story, I was drumming for ‘Glen Matlock & The Philistines’ in Canada, it was Dec & snow was everywhere. The last show of the tour was cancelled by police as a blizzard moved in. Glen insisted that we stay & chat, sign, have pictures with everyone that had already braved the elements, some had driven from Detroit! I think it was appreciated. Great podcast guys, we have met a few times but no way would you remember!

  2. Ré the proposition that Queen is a band who have never done cover versions live. (Adopts E.L Wisty voice)…I think you’ll find… that on tour in the 70’s and 80’s they regularly performed “Jailhouse Rock”.

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