Podcast 423 – inscrutable album covers and Hunky Dory’s 50th birthday

In which we salute the great ‘60s pop writer and Beatles associate Maureen Cleave, find a copy of Melody Maker from the week Hunky Dory was released (the Rainbow opens, Lindisfarne banned from Brighton Dome after fans dance in aisles! etc), talk to Chris Topham of the Plane Groovy label about the vinyl crisis (there’s a seven-month wait to get a record pressed), check the map of the biggest-selling music acts from each UK county and get to the root of the old Sounds headline “My naked bath-nights with Olivia Newton-John”.
Chris Topham’s Plane Groovy Records …
Maureen Cleave’s famous ‘How Does A Beatle Live?’ piece …
Map of the biggest-selling music acts from each UK county …

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 423 – inscrutable album covers and Hunky Dory’s 50th birthday”

  1. You might not want to think about this but… it’s about the protagonist saying how Eileen has grown (very uncle like) and how they want to get Eileen out of her dress. Saying we are young compared to these oldies. Lots of cajoling! Quite a wedding dance situation.

    Luckily, I had misheard the ‘pretty white dress’ – it’s ‘pretty red dress’.

    Love the Johnny Ray start.

  2. Since my schooldays it has always seemed clear to me there were young people who had a keen, participative interest in rock and pop, with all the transgressional qualities and celebration of the misfit which that implies. There were also other youths who had an equally avid enthusiasm for the sporting milieu, which traditionally has had a tendency to scoff at such nonsense. I have always reckoned that these two cohorts almost never overlap. With the exception of Mick Jagger, are there any glaring exceptions which may shatter this world view?

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