Podcast 438 – does anyone capture the spirit of a place better than Van Morrison’s Belfast? – plus some underrated ‘70s tracks

Among the items for your distraction and entertainment this week … Do people still form bands? The tangled story of the Aqualung artwork. The skull-cracking number of albums released every day. Instructions on record sleeves – “Horslips: “file under reasonably popular”. The Atom Heart Mother cow. The Wagatha Christie legal costs. Art critics’ lofty pronouncements about the fate of “the average band”. The link between the 12-inch sleeve and the shield of the native American warrior. And the thrilling and imminent arrival of David Hepworth’s 4-CD compilation ‘Deep 70s: Underrated Cuts From A Misunderstood Decade’ and the monstrous fun he had compiling it (paging Patto, Sharks, Bridget St John …). Plus birthday patreon guest Nick Foreman calls a meeting.
David Hepworth’s Deep ‘70s compilation …

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One thought on “Podcast 438 – does anyone capture the spirit of a place better than Van Morrison’s Belfast? – plus some underrated ‘70s tracks”

  1. One reason Van Morrison captures the spirit of Belfast could be his accent. Rock accents, I feel, are something we have to talk about. High on the list of the things we demand of our rock stars is authenticity, and yet there are squadrons of them pretending to be American to varying degrees of verisimilitude. Extremes include
    – Adele, who can go from Essex to California in the few bars from spoken intro to the first line sung
    – David Gray, who for years I thought WAS American, such was the apparent sincere soul-baring in White Ladder, until I heard him speaking, and thus revealed as a fake.
    True-to-their-accent heroes include The Proclaimers (famously), The Beatles, The Kinks, and Van himself.
    Who in your view are the least convincing accent-fakers?

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