Podcast 441 – which bands were ALL good-looking? 15 contenders considered…

There’s “pop star good looks” – as opposed to “film star good looks” – and there’s “indie good looks” … but which acts were a hundred per cent hot? Plus … is there any such thing as an original pop song? How did the Linn Drum make us accept the mechanical? What’s the source of a lot of canned laughter? What was Springsteen’s great act of betrayal? And we explore the benefits of Nord VPN by way of South Korea’s favourite comedy and Peter Sellers and Bernard Cribbins in Two-Way Stretch. And birthday patron Jon Collins gets to call a meeting.

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Maximum pulchritude: the Small Faces and PP Arnold doing Tin Soldier:

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One thought on “Podcast 441 – which bands were ALL good-looking? 15 contenders considered…”

  1. Can’t agree with you the Small Faces were blessed with Rock God good looks. The four of them had the bad teeth, pitted skin and all the physical shortcomings that stemmed from years of post-war food shortages and rationing. Not one of them grew to more than 5 foot 6 inches tall and their hair looked liked it had been cut by their sisters. They looked gloriously and unashamedly what they were – working class lads. But when Stevie Marriott slid up to the microphone and opened his mouth ……

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