Podcast 443 – how did ‘New Boots And Panties!!’ get released without a parental advisory sticker?

Entertaining things subjected to wry and rigorous scrutiny this week include:-

  • The most bizarre and tenuous rock autobiographies – eg the tell-all revelations of Elvis Presley’s nurse, Primal Scream’s tambourine player, Sinatra’s valet and the girl who made John Lennon a cheese sandwich.
  • How Roger Daltrey wound up living in a van.
  • Aimee Mann v Steely Dan and the curious world of support acts.
  • Would you rather see a “legend” or the next big thing?
  • The noble tradition of song stealing in reggae.
  • “Your bus leaves in ten minutes, be under it!” and other inspired ways of dealing with hecklers. 
  • If you mailed a letter to ‘Andy Partridge, Swindon’ or ‘Rod Stewart, Essex’, would they get it? 
  • And Dolly Parton’s dignified escape from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.
    Plus there’s a ceremonial reading of Bono’s piss-poor poem about Ukraine.  

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One thought on “Podcast 443 – how did ‘New Boots And Panties!!’ get released without a parental advisory sticker?”

  1. Re: New Boots and Panties.
    One of the other podcasts I listen to (yes, there are some, who knew?) is the 1001 Album Club in which some thirty-something dudes from midwestern USA listen their way through all the albums cited in Robert Emery’s book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.
    They are currently on album number 432 – Holger Czukay’s solo album Movies (big thumbs up).
    It is a delight to hear these guys connect with great music from the past that they have hitherto had little or no contact with, but when they got to title number 393 – Messrs Dury and Janckel’s meisterwerk – they just didn’t get it.
    They HATED it.
    They were mystified as to how it could ever have become such a massive hit record. It wasn’t because it was too English – they have listened to and loved The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Who and many other bands from blighty – they just didn’t like Dury’s lyrics and delivery and Janckel’s music which they described as bad disco(!).
    This begs the question: Which acts, from whichever side, although lauded by their home crowd, just don’t translate across the pond?
    John Henderson
    Western Australia

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