Podcast 454 – Has any actor played a rock star convincingly?

Framed in the piercing super-trouper of perusal this week …

The highs and lows of Danny Boyle’s new Sex Pistols biopic.

The best in-car music for road trips (Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Rufus Wainwright …).

How do Thom Yorke’s children feel about their father’s brilliant new album (the Smile) still sounding like the work of a bleating teenager?

The late Alan White (of Yes), a working drummer since the age of 13. 

Has social media destroyed the celebrity interview by revealing how star-struck we all are?

The joy of never googling an artist and allowing them to remain a glorious mystery.

The unusual position in Depeche Mode occupied by Andy Fletcher. 

Can classical musicians understand pop music?

When Pink Floyd met Yehudi Menuhin.

The Common ground between cricket and Spinal Tap.

Irritating scenes in the new Operation Mincemeat movie. 

… and birthday patreon guests Ann Kember, Paul Thompson and Ray Roscoe.


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One thought on “Podcast 454 – Has any actor played a rock star convincingly?”

  1. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to the podcasts. Great fun and often very nostalgic to those of us of a certain age. I am 67.
    I wanted to offer a word in support of the B side. I grew up in Stoke in the 1960s and the first record that I bought with my own money was Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys in 1966. Its B side was another great track, Girl Don’t Tell Me, which I played as often as the A side. Thinking about this recently has made me think about other B sides I was happy to listen to. Our first record player came to us with a pile of 45s. We lived in a pub at the time and I think probably around 1960, a customer decided to offload these and the said record player onto us. I have concluded this because most of the records are late 1950s. The record player itself was a small brown player upon which you could play one record at a time by the lifting of the arm and placing it at the beginning of the chosen 45. What was also interesting about this was that the player never had a conventional plug and so we had to remove the ceiling light bulb and plug into the light fitting hanging from the ceiling; the only light at night therefore coming into the kitchen from the front room as you needed to leave the door slightly ajar. I spent many a happy night listening to Elvis in the dark. What I am coming to are the B sides from some of the records that we were given. At an early age I knew The Crickets ‘Think it Over’ and its B side ‘Fools Paradise’. I was also introduced to the Coasters’ ‘Yakety Yak’ and ‘Poison Ivy’ with their respective B sides ‘Zing! Went the Strings of My heart’ and ‘I’m a Hog For you Baby’ not to mention Elvis’ ‘It’s Now or Never’ and ‘Make me Know It’. I remember them to this day. Connie Francis ‘Among my Souvenirs’ b/w ‘Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me’, Bobby Darin’s ‘Mack the Knife’ and ‘Was There a Call For Me?’, Emile Ford, ‘What Do you Wanna Make those Eyes at Me For?’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles’ which I only discovered recently is a Don Gibson song. Charlie Drake and ‘Splish Splash’ with his catchphrase song ‘Hello My Darlings’. There are so many more that I know when I finish typing, others will come to me. I just wonder if the B side meant as much to other people? Just happened! Bobby Day ‘Rockin’ Robin’ and ‘Over and Over’ and Dee Clark ‘Just keep It up’ and ‘Whispering Grass’. I’ll stop there! Keep up the excellent work. Would like to see a talk with Nick Lowe. Regards and stay safe.

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