Podcast 456 – why music is largely about everything but music

Topics off the leash this week include …

The Talent v Charisma pye chart you can apply to any act.

“Double-concentrated Liam” versus “diluted Noel”, an update on the Oasis land-grab.

A second helping of the “Pete Doherty swaps crack for Camembert” story.

Liverpool taxi-driver, 25, claims to have never heard of the Rolling Stones: could this be possible?

Pop stars infinitely older (or younger) than you imagined.

Learning to speak fluent tabloid – “the Here Comes The Sun hit-makers”, “the Paint It Black chart-busters” etc …

Marc Bolan is a “thin” concept. Bolan + Pies/Booze doesn’t work.

Plus Petula Clark, Andy Summers, Japan, Michael Owen and Toni Basil.

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