Word Podcast 332: what makes an album cover ‘classic’?

In which we ponder American pop showbiz v shambling British charm, bands v solos acts, Will Farrell’s Eurovision movie, Ed Sheeran’s bank balance, Beyoncé at Glastonbury, which rock star will live the longest and Disco v Grunge in the Stack Waddy game.

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Podcast 331 – It’s the Bob Dylan Lyric Generator!

In which we ponder rock and roll stage names, the immortal gag that launched Billy Connolly, KT Tunstall versus the streaming system and best guests on chat shows – and the only British Prime Minister to ever host one.

That PM and his chat show …

KT Tunstall on the Broken Record Campaign …

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Podcast 330

In which we contemplate pop stars’ statues, 50th anniversary albums, excruciating things actors do in Lockdown, fictitious Monsters of Rock, the curious tale of Madonna’s Ray Of Light and the best/worst things about Oasis.

The Southsea Alternative Choir with Love’s Johnny Echols doing Alone Again Or …

… and (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding with Nick Lowe …

The London Symphony demonstrating their instruments: https://youtu.be/TMUwtGuOzFM

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Podcast 329

In which we spot the fake Country & Western song titles and ponder the man who launched the Undertones, Classics that leave us cold, eternally comforting sitcoms and the analogue childhood of Andy Partridge.

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Podcast 328 – There’s no fame like LP cover fame!

In which we play the Stackwaddy Game with power pop and the UFO club, wonder how come artists remake their classic albums, explain why nobody truly wanted Little Feat to be massive, ponder the one relationship in a rock star’s which matters more than marriage and look at a bunch of album covers which accidentally made a few members of the public famous.

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Podcast 326 – the Sony Walkman’s 40th birthday and how Astrid Kirchherr invented Indie

In which we update the Pink Floyd wars, remember launching Q and marinade in the calming qualities of Lee Sklar’s lockdown bass adventures.

Lee Sklar – on bass guitar!

Curt Smith and daughter …

Astrid Kirchherr’s portraits of the Beatles …

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Podcast 325 – Fairport’s momentous year and the curious tale of the Beatles-busting Sgt ‘Nobby’ Pilcher

In which we play the Stack Waddy game, ponder the fate of live rock and roll and investigate the B-side that gave Joan Jett a career and “the power ballad that ended the Cold War”.

The Arrows’ I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll …

Pyewackett – they exist!

Scorpions’ Wind Of Change …

Little Richard …

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Podcast 324 – How to impersonate Roy Orbison and other pop parlour games

In which we get Alexa to play Stack Waddy, Carly Simon meets James Bond, we wonder if girls make passes at rock stars in glasses, and remember Millie, Dave Greenfield, Florian Schneider and the first edition of the Face.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Kitchen Disco …

John Fogerty’s back garden …

Doobie Brothers in lockdown …

Bugger Off by Stack Waddy

The Stranglers’ version of Walk On By with stunning Dave Greenfield keyboard solo …

Meryl Streep (aged 16) at Shea Stadium …

Creedence Clearwater playing I Put A Spell On You …

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Podcast 323 – This week’s winners of the lockdown are the Incredible String Band, Mr Chalk and Mrs Cheese

In which we celebrate the 50th birthday of The Who’s “Live At Leeds”, wonder why the Incredible String Band suddenly sound so right and talk about what all those living room performances tell us Rock Star’s Homes.

The case of the missing hit.

Toyah and Robert Fripp dance in the kitchen

Cat Stevens somewhere warm enough to leave the door open

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